WiFiHood Wave

Convenient Wi-Fi Internet service for apartment & condo residents

Plan Overview

WiFiHood Wave is convenient Wi-Fi Internet service designed specifically for apartment and condo residents. All the functionality and security of private Wi-Fi, without the equipment hassles.


Speeds up to 75 Mbps upload and download.*

Online sign up and free activation.

Secure private network for each account.

No contracts or hidden fees.

No modems, routers, or cables.

Local customer support.

Plans & Pricing

75/75 Mbps

Monthly Billing* $39.95  
Quarterly Billing* $109.95 ( save 8% )
Yearly Billing* $399.95 ( save 17% )

Find Your Building & Sign Up

*Download / upload speeds may vary depending on your building and client device

How It Works

Step 01.

Complete the sign-up page to activate your account.

WiFiHood Wave - Step 01.

Step 02.

Connect to WiFiHood and log in to portal to activate your device.

WiFiHood Wave - Step 02.

Step 03.

Your device will now connect automatically.

WiFiHood Wave - Step 03.

Step 04.

For non-browser devices like Roku, get the MAC address. Then log in to portal and add the MAC address in the Devices page.

WiFiHood Wave - Step 04.

Customer Reviews

I really like the convenience. It was so nice to move in, sign up, and start using the Internet!”
– Annie R., Denver, CO


“The speeds are really good for Wi-Fi.  I can stream video consistently and don’t have to deal with routers or modems.”
– Paul G., Denver, CO

“The customer service is excellent. When my Roku wasn’t working right a tech came out to my apartment to troubleshoot and fix it, even though it wasn’t WiFiHood’s problem! 
– Melinda J., Denver, CO


Is WiFiHood Wave available in my building?
The current building list is available here.

How can I help bring WiFiHood Wave to my building?
Please fill out and submit the New Building Request Form, and we will contact property management.

How long does it take to bring WiFiHood Wave to my building?
Typically it takes 1-2 weeks to bring a building onto our network once we have a right-of-entry agreement signed with the property manager or HOA.

Getting Connected

How do I sign up?

  1. Find your building in the Building List and click the Sign-Up button. You will be redirected to the Sign-Up page for your building.
  2. Select the desired service plan/billing cycle and you will be redirected to the Sign-Up form for your plan.
  3. Complete the Sign-Up form to create your account. You will receive an email with your login credentials and information for using the service.

How do I connect?

  1. On your device, select the Wi-Fi network name ‘WiFiHood 5G’ or ‘WiFiHood’ and you will be redirected to the connection portal.
  2. Log in with the email address that you signed up with for both username (all lowercase) and password (case sensitive). You can change your username and password in the ‘Profile’ page after the first login.
  3. Your device will be connected and activated in your account. After this activation your device will connect automatically wherever the ‘WiFiHood 5G’ or ‘WiFiHood’ service is available.
  4. Repeat these steps to add more devices.

How do I connect devices like Roku, Chromecast, and Smart TVs?

  1. Find the MAC address of the device, usually in the network settings.
 The MAC address is a unique identifier for your device and has this format (01:23:45:67:89:ab).
  2. Email the MAC address to support@wifihood.com with your account name and we will add it to your account.
  3. Or to do it yourself: Use a web browser to log in to the connection portal:
Log in and go the ‘Devices’ page.
  5. Enter the MAC address in the ‘Add Device’ section.
  6. Go back into the device and select the ‘WiFiHood 5G’ or ‘WiFiHood’ network and it will now connect automatically.


Do you provide phone or TV service?
We only provide Internet service. Many of our customers are ‘cord-cutters’ who have migrated to Internet based services such as VoIP and streaming video services.

What are my options for Email?
Email accounts are not included with WiFiHood Internet. There are many excellent email services available that will allow you to keep your email independent.

Can I use my smartphone over WiFiHood?
Yes! Simply enable your smartphone to use your Wi-Fi router connection for data instead of the cellular connection. In addition to web, text, and email, you can use applications such as WhatsApp and Skype that bypass carrier networks to send messages and to make voice or video calls. Wi-Fi calling is an exciting new capability that enables phone calls to switch automatically between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Can stream video over WiFiHood?
Yes! WiFiHood has the performance for HD video. Streaming media devices (e.g., Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV) that support 802.11n (especially dual-band 2.4/5 GHz) or 802.11ac will work well. Video display control applications such as Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast are supported because WiFiHood gives each subscriber their own vlan virtual private network.

Can I use my Wi-Fi printer over WiFiHood?
Yes! Each subscriber has a vlan virtual private network for their devices, including Wi-Fi printers.

Can I make a VPN connection over WiFiHood?
Yes! Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technique to provide a secure connection over the Internet. WiFiHood supports all VPN protocols.


Will I get good signal everywhere in my unit?
We design the network to provide coverage everywhere in the building.

What about interference with other private Wi-Fi in the building?
The advantage of WiFiHood in terms of interference is that it is a building wide network managed by a controller that can detect all Wi-Fi networks and coordinate channels and power levels to avoid interference from private Wi-Fi networks as much as possible.

What is the difference between the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands?
The great majority of Wi-Fi networks are using 2.4 GHz. The 2.4 GHz band has only 3 non-overlapping channels, so in urban environments there is usually a lot of interference from neighboring Wi-Fi networks.

- The 5 GHz band has 23 channels and very little interference, but has a shorter range than 2.4 GHz.
- WiFiHood provides two networks: ‘WiFiHood 5G’ which is 5 GHz only, and ‘WiFiHood’ which is both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. We recommend using ’WiFiHood 5G’ if your device is 5 GHz capable to avoid the interference common in the 2.4 GHz band. The ’WiFiHood’ network provides flexibility to use either band.

What makes WiFiHood Secure?
WiFiHood uses VLANs to provide a virtual private network for each subscriber’s set of devices so they can connect to each other for personal applications, while providing isolation for each subscriber for improved privacy and security. VLANs prevent others from seeing a subscriber’s traffic so it cannot be captured, intercepted, or hijacked. Access to each VLAN is protected by a combination of RADIUS and MAC authentication.

What makes WiFiHood Internet High Performance?
WiFiHood uses equipment from Ruckus Wireless who produces the highest performance Wi-Fi equipment available. Ruckus Wireless has the Smart Wi-Fi’ group of patented technologies that includes recent technical advances in beam steering, beam forming, adaptive signal path selection, quality of service, traffic classification, and fancy RF routing.