WiFiHood Home

Broadband wireless Internet service for house & townhouse residents

Plan Overview

WiFiHood Home is high performance broadband wireless Internet service for your single-family house or townhouse. Great for working from home, or streaming music and video. Requires a customer provided Wi-Fi router.


No contracts or hidden fees

No modem rental

Local customer support

Plans & Pricing

25/5 Mbps

Monthly Billing* $39.95  
Quarterly Billing* $109.95 ( save 8% )
Yearly Billing* $399.95 ( save 17% )

Request Home Service Sign Up After Installation

50/10 Mbps

Monthly Billing* $59.95  
Quarterly Billing* $164.95 ( save 8% )
Yearly Billing* $599.95 ( save 17% )

Request Home Service Sign Up After Installation

*Plan requires a one-time installation fee of $49.95

Coverage Map

How It Works

Step 01.

Get a Wi-Fi router before your scheduled installation. For best results, we recommend an “AC” Wi-Fi router.

WiFiHood Home - Step 01.

Step 02.

On the day of your installation, a WiFiHood technician will connect your house to our network using a microwave radio system. The radio connects to one of our network buildings in your neighborhood.

WiFiHood Home - Step 02.

Step 03.

The technician will connect the radio system to a wall jack inside the house at a location you choose, and connect your Wi-Fi router to the radio system. Our technician can help you set up the router.

WiFiHood Home - Step 03.

Step 04.

Connect your devices to the router using Wi-Fi or ethernet cable. Wi-Fi will not be as fast as ethernet, so use ethernet for high performance and Wi-Fi for convenience.

WiFiHood Home - Step 04.

Customer Reviews

“Consistent speeds and the one time I did need assistance they responded quickly. Highly recommended!”
– Jerry G., Denver, CO

WiFiHood is great because of the reliable speeds, customer service, simple pricing, and no contracts. I like supporting a local ISP that is providing a choice besides the big guys.
– Karl S., Denver, CO

I work from home so I need a reliable internet connection. I love the service and save a lot with the referral program!”
– Liz T., Denver, CO


Is WiFiHood Home available at my location?
If your home is in our service area we can do a site survey to confirm that we can reach you. Use our Network Map to confirm service is available in your area.

How can I help bring WiFiHood Home to my neighborhood?
If your home is not in our service area we still want to know about your interest so that we can plan to reach you. Please fill out and submit the “Request Home Service” and we will contact you when we have service in your area.

Getting Connected

How do I get WiFiHood Home service installed?
After you have selected the WiFiHood Home plan that works for you, please click the “Request Home Service” button, complete the request form, and and we will contact you to schedule a site survey and potential installation.

What is a site survey?
WiFiHood Home service is delivered via a microwave wireless connection that requires line-of-sight. A site survey is a visual inspection from your rooftop to verify a line-of-sight path to one of our network locations. If we can verify line-of-sight then we will schedule an installation.

What is the installation process?
WiFiHood Home service is delivered via a microwave wireless connection. An antenna is mounted on the roof with a CAT-5 ethernet cable that runs into the home and connects to an adapter that provides power and an ethernet connection to your Wi-Fi router. Our technicians will discuss the mounting and cable path options with you before the installation. The installation typically takes about two hours.

How do I connect?
Our technicians will connect the data port on the power adapter to the Internet port of your Wi-Fi router. Our technicians can help you set up your Wi-Fi router.


Do you provide phone or TV service?
We only provide Internet service. Many of our customers are ‘cord-cutters’ who have migrated to Internet based services such as VoIP and streaming video services.

What are my options for Email?
Email accounts are not included with WiFiHood Internet. There are many excellent email services available that will allow you to keep your email independent.

Can I use my smartphone over WiFiHood?
Yes! Simply enable your smartphone to use your Wi-Fi router connection for data instead of the cellular connection. In addition to web, text, and email, you can use applications such as WhatsApp and Skype that bypass carrier networks to send messages and to make voice or video calls. Wi-Fi calling is an exciting new capability that enables phone calls to switch automatically between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Can I use streaming video over WiFiHood?
Yes! WiFiHood Home 25 works for HD Video, and WiFiHood Home 50 works for both HD and Ultra HD 4K video.

Can I make a VPN connection over WiFiHood?
Yes! Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technique to provide a secure connection over the Internet. WiFiHood Home supports all VPN protocols, but your Wi-Fi router may need to be configured for VPNs.


Is WiFiHood Home a Wi-Fi service?
WiFiHood Home service is delivered as ethernet to your home. Connect your Wi-Fi router to the service to get Wi-Fi in your home.

Do I need a modem?
No, the modem is integrated into the microwave radio system. Just connect your Wi-Fi router.

Do I need a router?
Yes, you will need to provide a Wi-Fi router that has an ethernet port for the Internet connection. Our technicians can help you set up your Wi-Fi router.

What Wi-Fi routers do you recommend?
We recommend a router that is dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and supports the ‘AC’ Wi-Fi standard. We do not endorse any particular make or model.